Brazilian Song of the Day: João Neto e Frederico

Learn to dance the sertanejo universitário way week continues without Neymar. Instead, you get your groove lessons from Prof. Jefin. So get dancing.

João Neto e Frederico: Lê Lê Lê (clipe official)

Brazilian Song of the Day: Michel Teló com Neymar

Continuing with yesterday’s sertanejo dance lessons by Neymar, today I’m revisiting Michel Teló and “Ai Se Te Pego Nossa” with more soccer stars. Marcello, CR7, and Neymar show you how to thrust your hips and put your hands on your hearts.

Messi, Neymar, and Cristiano Ronaldo (aka, CR7). Why is Messi here? He’s impossible.

While “Ai Se Te Pego Nossa” has easily been the song of the summer for me, it was here before. So enjoy another great Teló track, “Bará Bará Beré Beré.”

The Fault in Our Sertanejo:

John Green, superstar YA author, and Michel Teló, sertanejo superstar
John Green, superstar YA author, and Michel Teló, sertanejo superstar

Brazilian Song of the Day: Gusttavo Lima com Neymar

What? Neymar? Isn’t he a soccer star?

Lionel Messi y Neymar in their Barça unis

He’s also a sertanejo fan and he’s here to teach you how to dance. Below are two different mixes of the Gusttavo Lima hit, “Balada (Tchê Tchere Tchê Tchê).” I love how different the mixes are.

And here’s Neymar joining Gusttavo Lima for a live performance.

Okay. Neymar shouldn’t quite his day job. He’s pretty good at that, even if he’s no Messi.

Brazilian Song of the Day: Paulinho da Viola

Samba Week at #BSotD comes to end with a gentle, almost whimsical samba courtesy Paulinho da Viola.

Paulinho da Viola

Brazilian Song of the Day: Beth Carvalho

Long a leading member of the Mangueira escola (samba school) and known as the godmother of samba, Beth Carvalho is arguably the face of samba. She started her career forty years ago, winning samba contests. She’s championed lesser-known composers, shepherded younger artists into the spotlight, and performed, performed, and performed.

Beth Carvalho e Cartola

Brazilian Song of the Day: Banda Black Rio

Take one part samba, one part Earth Wind and Fire, and a dash of Herbie Hancock and you get samba-funk and Banda Black Rio’s debut album, Maria Fumaça. It’s hard not to picture the horn section wearing dazzling uniforms and moving in perfect synchronicity. This is one of those albums that makes you stop everything you were doing. It demands to be heard and enjoyed.

Banda Black Rio are cooler than you.

Brazilian Song of the Day: Marcelo D2

Samba plus drums-n-bass, what’s that? Sambass. A better question might be, is there anything you can’t add a shot of samba to and make better?

Marcelo D2 rocks the old school smokes (which still cause cancer, kids, but smell better, so much better)