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Image of Promysed and Jinxx

I liked Misty Tang’s Jinxx portrait enough that I switch both my Twitter and (private) Facebook pics to it. However, in order to give her an idea about Jinxx looked like, I created some 3D art of Jinxx. I’ve built on that and now present an alternative view of what Jinxx looks like. Promysed and Jinxx Continue Reading →

Jinxx Art by Misty Tang

Jinxx drawn by Misty Tang

Misty Tang, who draws several wonderful webcomics, had a little contest where she asked readers for a theme song for the protagonists of her comic, The Slaves (part of her Grey Eyes series). I suggested Seu Jorge’s Don’t, because perfect and Brasil. I also suggested Slave to Love for obvious reasons. Misty picked Don’t. My prize was Continue Reading →

Writer’s Voice

I entered a contest at Brenda Drake’s wonderful website. Which I frequently do, because Brenda is amazing and her contests are fantastic. For this particular contest, I won the rafflecopter to get in, so now I need to post my query and first 250 words of my novel here. Just so you know why this Continue Reading →

Indistinguishable from the stars

Caado Man

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Brazilian Song of the Day: “Take It Easy My Brother Charlie”

I’m back from spending time with my family, including my brother Charlie, so sharing a bunch of variations of Jorge Ben Jor’s wonderful song, “Take It Easy My Brother Charlie” seemed like an easy win. Here’s Jorge Ben’s version, from his 1969 eponymous album with Trio Mocoto. That same year, Tres Som released a great Continue Reading →

Brazilian Song of the Day: “Tá Saltinha”

I stumbled across an electro funk cover of “Tá Saltinha,” but wasn’t sure who the artist was—Electro Funnk? Milton Paradella, the uploader? An unnamed artist? Whomever is responsible, this is a great track. But in searching for the artist, I discovered “Tá Saltinha” was probably a sertanejo universitário hit by Thiago Bravo, who wrote the Continue Reading →

Brazilian Song of the Day: DJ Cremoso

The tecnobrega parade continues with DJ Cremoso. If you had any doubts about the cheesy ’80s pop influences, take a casual listen. Follow email

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